(Written 7/29/21, subject to change as my situation changes)

Hello! This page is a lot less polished than I'd like, however if I don't write it I'm not gonna have any sort of reference for my commissions at all, so I need to write something, lol.

I am offering commissions as I need to earn money while I am unable to hold a job in person. I will not have set slot numbers, I will simply take what I can when I can and be sure to communicate with any request I get. I cannot offer everything I will offer in the future currently, as I am attempting to recover from both a very bad mental state and a very bad physical state.

I do commissions via paypal invoice (meaning you can pay even without a paypal of your own as long as you have an email I can send the invoice to!). I set my base price and enable tips, and I send this invoice once I check the sketch is ok by you, and continue and finish once payment is received.

Currently, my main offerings are digital doodles and tradigital (drawn traditionally, colored digitally) art. These are what will work best for me in my current situation, however I may open more digital stuff as my situation improves / depending on what you're asking.

Here are some current examples:

Left is an example of something I've drawn traditionally and finished digitally, and right is a "painting". (I don't actually know how to paint. I'm just starting, but it's far easier to me than lineart right now)

A tradigital image would be roughly $25 for a fullbody and each additional character would be +$10. Prices for tradigital art that isn't fullbodies can be negotiated.

A painting would be around $35, and can only be single characters per image as I'm still inexperienced and not ready for a piece with several characters.

Doodles I have priced a lot more loosely. Generally they shouldn't go any higher than $15, it all depends on how much I'm drawing and how much polish is being done. Feel free to ask.

As stated, I can and probably will add more info as my situation changes and my capabilities improve. I hope despite my offerings being fairly limited you may consider me to commission! ^^