Steffi's Journal

This is my journal. This is where I store thoughts of mine I'd like people to see because I need to stop dumping them on Twitter or something and am too forgetful to use physical journals.

Entries display from most recent to oldest. I'll probably make new pages when I feel I have enough to cause clutter.

July 28th, 2021

...oops. I spaced out for 20 days. Sorry everyone. To be honest, I'm experiencing heavy artistic burnout and only just getting it back, lol. Only slightly. I can't do much past draw on paper or make music.

I mostly just watch youtube right now and try and get my school life together. Sooo... fun. I'll be back up and running soon, promise.

July 8th, 2021

Good news- I got music working with rm2k3. I mean, not entirely, I don't know how to loop music past the song looping entirely so I'm worried what I make will sound annoying... but I got it working! In a sense. So now my gf and I can work on his game since past that issue all we were stuck on was tilesets, which I think we can figure out. Very exciting.

I also did some progress on my own game. I got Sascha to follow Jinx around which was a pain in the ass but makes me super motivated to continue since I can probably make something fun even if it's just an exploration game rather than an rpg.

I hope I can actually finish this. That'd be cool.

July 7th, 2021

Hopefully when I hit save this looks decent and I won't have to go back and edit this. (edit: I did) If not... oh well. Anyway, I felt like writing an entry while setting this page up cause why not. I have interesting stuff going on. I'm cool. ...The most I have going on right now is having my computer setup in my dining room due to bedroom renovations + trying to make not one but two video games. Ok, well, I'm not making one, just helping make one for my gf alongside trying to make my own, but that's something. At the least when my gf's game is done I can say I helped with a video game since his has to be finished for class, mine is just for fun. Hopefully I can do both. Here's a little sample of what I'm doing so far for my own game:

The game is essentially a prequel to my current oc passion project, about the protagonist Jinx and her brother Sascha when they're roughly 11 and 14. I just wanna have fun making something in rpg maker is all. Ok that's it for this entry I hope this comes out ok on the website